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Non Invasive Hyaluronic Acid Fillers in Clearwater, FL & Tampa, FL
Q & A

Non Invasive Hyaluronic Fillers in Clearwater, FL & Tampa, FL Q & A

What is The Hyaluron Pen?

The Hyaluron Pen is an innovation that deposits Hyaluronic Acid Filler into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin WITHOUT traditional needles or injections. Ideal for clients that are frightened or uncomfortable with needles, this pain free treatment is less invasive and fast, and allows clients to plump and fill their lips, fine lines and wrinkles. Through the pressure technology the pen uses pressure which causes the Hyaluronic Acid to turn into Nano Scale molecules and inserts the Hyaluronic acid Filler through the skin. The Diameter of this flow is twice as small as the smallest insulin needle. The mixture used is Hyaluronic acid.

The Hyaluron Pen can be used to create volume, shape and lift.

Treatment areas include

Lips, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, 11 lines..

Perfect for lip augmentations and reducing wrinkles. The Hyaluronic Acid only reaches the papillary layer of the dermis making this a safe treatment with no risk of occlusion as well as no sharp tips to puncture blood vessels.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

 A natural sugar found in the human body, hyaluronic acid is the most hydrating substance in the world.  It’s function is to attract water and keep skin hydrated, plump and youthful.  As the human body creates Hyaluronic Acid naturally it is impossible to be allergic to it.

As we age, the body decreases the amount of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen fibers. They dry up and become thinner, resulting in loss of hydration and elasticity.

This causes skin to sag and wrinkles to form.

Adding hyaluronic acid into the skin we revive the collagen and promote a fresher, plumper effect.

Hyaluronic Acid is the main structural element of connective tissue.  

How it does work?

Hyaluron Pen is a rather simplistic device that generates enough pressure to launch Hyaluronic acid mixture into human skin. It is a device of transferring one liquid that is pretty vital when it comes to antiaging and beauty into human skin.   

Compared to injecting the fillers the risks are significantly lower. When it comes to using the pen, the pain is minimal, with low risk of bruising or swelling. 

Hyaluron pen treatments are a non-invasive method that helps penetrate hyaluronic acid to plump up the lips, rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines. How long will the results last? Typical results last between 3-6 months depending on the treatment, your skin and the amount injected. It is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas on the face. Hyaluronic acid is the serum used to improve your skin and promotes collagen production for long-lasting youthful skin.

Are there any restrictions?

Of course, there are. However, those are not so much related to health risks as those are related to being able to meet client’s expectations. As we know, there are different categories of wrinkles so a client with very deep wrinkles this may not be an ideal option for them. The Hyaluron Pen would be categorize to be more of a solution for aesthetically improving one’s appearance and not fighting the effects of aging. The procedure most definitely can NOT be done to pregnant women, hyper-sensitive people. Oral herpes should be treated BEFORE the procedure.

What can go wrong?

If compared to injecting the fillers the risks are significantly lower with Hyaluron Pen. When it comes to using the pen then the pain is really surprisingly minimal. It does not hurt nearly as much as injecting, thus many who have come for the procedure and have been extremely surprised at the simplicity, effectiveness and practically pain free Hyaluronic Acid Pen. Also compared to injecting fillers, there is no risk for needle marks that can happen.

What is the difference between the Hyaluron Pen and filler injections?

Fillers are injections that can have a large effect on the overall look of the human face. The thicker the filler is, the deeper it is injected and the larger and usually also permanent the effect is. When it comes to Hyaluron Pen the fillers that can be used are very liquid and can only be inserted to the upper layer of dermis – Papillary dermis. This means that it only competes with a small category of HA fillers that do the same thing. While being limited when it comes to deeper or subnormal injections (where filler injections are used to achieve results), Hyaluron Pen pretty much dominates in its own category because of its ease of use. Once again this is a needle FREE approach with amazing results.

Is the Hyaluron Pen treatment safe?

If compared to injecting fillers (that the safety of Hyaluron Pen often gets compared to) it is totally safe. Why? Well, the most terrible problems with injections come, as we all know from blocked blood vessels to which an unfortunate treatment provider has injected some filler. For example, filling some large enough artery with thick enough substance can restrict some Oxygen movement to eyes and actually cause temporary or permanent blindness in the worst case. With Hyaluron Pen it is anatomically impossible to inject the substance even close the same way, thus there are no such risks.

Is it like botox?

No, it is absolutely not like botox. Botox is not a filler. Botox just temporarily cuts off the nerve signals to some muscles and thus limits the movements of those, achieving smoother skin as the wrinkles are now deepened by muscle movement. When it comes to Hyaluron Pen, it delivers very low viscosity, low elasticity filler into lips or facial skin. Two totally different tools that can sometimes solve the same problem. The Hyaluron Pen is a NEEDLE free option with great results. 

What does it do exactly?

Compared to countless beauty procedures that act as ‘vitamins’ making something a little bit of better, the Hyaluron Pen is a type of solution. The client has a problem and Hyaluron Pen solves it elegantly. Small and thin lips – usually with a 0.5 ml – 1 ml the problem is solved. Same applies when wrinkles and fine lines propose a problem – simple. Hyaluron Pen provides a solution that works – wrinkles and fine lines disappear. The Hylauronic Acid is a problem solver not just another one of those “enhancing” solutions that definitely make something a little bit better, however, does not solve the true problem. When you want a change that can clearly be seen, then we absolutely suggest, you opt in for the Hyaluron Pen. 

How long does this treatment last?

For optimum results, we recommend a course of 1-3 treatments depending on your starting point. Once you complete the recommended course, the results can last up to 3-6 months. Results will vary depending of the individual. It is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas on the face. Hyaluronic acid is the serum used to improve your skin and promotes collagen production for long-lasting youthful skin.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

Hyaluron Pen is a new category as a procedure. Although being really simple, the device is actually incredibly powerful. Why? Because you can do a great deal with this little tool – it combines approaches that have so far being used in mesotherapy and fillers, plus it is totally safe.

When was it first introduced?

It has been used for inserting insulin for years. However, now from the spring of 2018 it is used to fill in wrinkles and also inject hyaluronic acid mixture into lips and fine lines. It started steady growing in the beauty aesthetic industry from then on. After larger introductions in the early autumn of 2018, it became widely more popular.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

There will be some redness and/or swelling over the next 24 hours after treatment depending on your skin type and the amount of Hyaluronic Acid that was administered. Some experience mild bruising but not often. The treated areas will feel a little lumpy for some which is very normal. After the first day the effects will subside and softness will return within the next 2-3 days. Sourness is normal but will also subside as the body rejuvenates. The pigments initial color will sometimes appear a little blotchy directly after however will return to normal. Fully healed results are usually between 7-10 days depending on your immune system. These are all worst case scenarios as I would prefer to over educate you than to under educate you.


Before instructions for Hyaluron Pen Filler Treatment

DOES IT HURT? It is not an overly painful procedure, some say its pain-free, but It is essential to recognize that pain threshold levels vary from person to person and our clients comfort throughout the entirety of the procedure is of utmost importance. A topical anaesthetics can be applied (optional) to numb the area before. Personal circumstances such as the timing of a menstrual cycle may increase discomfort throughout the procedure, and the topical anaesthetic may lose its intensity for regular smokers. If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, be conscious that this may affect your sensitivity tolerance to the procedure.

BE PREPARED FOR A LITTLE REDNESS, SWELLING and/or BRUISING. Prepare for some redness, swelling and/or bruising on your lip/mouth area or facial skin, that may occur just after the procedure. Different types of skin react differently to the procedure so just keep that in mind when making plans for the next couple of hours/days after your Hyaluron Pen treatment appointment.

SCRUB the night/week heading up to your lip procedure, use a lip/sugar scrub, (sugar and coconut oil), toothbrush or face cloth to gently exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated with a lip balm.

DRINK 8 glasses of water every day for two weeks prior to your appointment & continue daily after your procedure

COME TO THE PROCEDURE WITH MINIMAL MAKEUP. Normal daily make up is totally ok, we suggest you do not put on any makeup on your facial &/or Lip area being treated

MEDICATIONS. There are certain medications we suggest you not to take within the 48 hours before the procedure. These are for example Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve and also other pain-killers. Also, we suggest you avoid medications that have any other strong effect on your body. Please always check with your doctor first.

CONSUMING ALCOHOL BEFORE THE PROCEDURE. It would be just perfect if you would not have any sort of alcohol drink within the 48 hours before the procedure. Do not consume larger amount of alcohol the night before the procedure, or your appointment will need to be rescheduled and your deposit lost.

PLEASE AVOID PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN RETINA. In case you are using products that contain a significant amount of Retin A (tretinoin) we suggest you to cut down the usage of those one week before the procedure. This, however, concerns the facial area only. Basically when you know when your appointment time is coming up, just cut down using these products on the area of the treatment. That also concerns products that contain a significant amount of A-vitamin. Avoid topical products such as Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinol, Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or hair removal cream on the area to be treated for 3 days prior.

PLEASE AVOID AHA SKINCARE PRODUCTS BEFORE THE PROCEDURE. This concerns the week before the procedure. We suggest you avoid skincare products that contain Alpha-hydroxy-acid. In addition to that, we also suggest you cut down the usage of anti-ageing products on your possible treatment area two weeks prior to the appointment. Also, if you are taking one or many of the following medications, you should take a break one week before the treatment: Primrose oil, Garlic, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng or Vitamin E.

BLOOD-DONOR. It is not in your best interest to go donate blood on the appointment day. Basically, that might just strain your body too much and you might start feeling weak. As well as there may be some issues regarding the contents of your blood the day after the procedure, So make sure you let them know you have had Hyaluron fillers

OTHER PROCEDURES. To achieve the best result regarding Hyaluron Pen you should not have other treatments that concern the dermal layer of your skin 2 – 4 weeks prior to the appointment. In addition to injections that actually concerns also other sorts of skin rejuvenation procedures, such as permanent cosmetics, tattoos, lasers, chemical procedures etc. BE OPEN ABOUT YOUR ALLERGIES OR CHRONIC ILLNESSES. Be sure to tell our Hyaluron Pen treatment professional everything you consider even mildly important about the chronic illnesses or allergies you might have. Please list everything you know about cosmetic substances that have had a negative effect on your skin. Be aware that you are obligated to fill in an additional information in your consultation about the state of your health and everything affecting that (such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, any sort of neurological disorders in your past, etc) in the salon. You may not do this treatment if pregnant or breastfeeding.

COLD SORES If you have previously had a cold sore before or you are unsure, you will need to get an antiviral medication from your doctor and take 2-6 weeks prior to your appointment and up to 7 days afterwards (but talk to your Doctor first)


 Congratulations on your new look 🙂

Immediately after your treatment, there may be slight redness, swelling, tenderness, and an itching sensation in the treated area and possible slight bruising. This is a normal result of the needless injection.  The inconvenience is temporary and generally disappears in a day or two

Don’t expect initial fullness to stay the same.

Swelling and soreness after your filler treatment is completely normal and therefore the size of your lips or facial area swelling immediately after treatment is not a true reflection of the final result. Minor swelling can last between a few hours or day, possibly longer, depending on multiple factors.

How to reduce swelling after fillers:

  • You may apply ice to treated area in you feel necessary
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water
  • Focus on eating healthy foods like fresh fruits & vegetables. The vitamins and minerals will assist with the healing process
  • Refain strenuous exercise and extreme hot temperatures for 24-48 hours post treatment


  • Processed foods or fast foods
  • Heavy activity or exercise for the first two days after treatment
  • Excess salt – it makes you dehydrated!
  • Spicy foods
  • Blood-thinning medications, including aspirin and ibuprofen (unless prescribed by your medical practitioner then please continue with these)
  • Smoking and smoke exposure
  • Do NOT have a facial, nor rub or massage the treated area for 24 hours after your treatment
  • Do NOT lie down or do strenuous exercise for three hours after treatment.
  • If lips were done avoid intimate activity  

Leave plenty of time after Hyaluronic Acid Fillers to settle prior to a big event, like a wedding.

Like everything associated with a big event, it’s all about planning!

It’s always best to start a new treatment well before a big event. We recommend that you allow at least 2-3 weeks for your cosmetic treatment to settle. If you’re a first time client, we recommend 4 weeks prior to the event.

Please be aware that some, though very few clients, experience a mild headache. You may take Tylenol or any natural remedy to help with this for pain relief.

Remember, every client is different, and results can vary between individuals.

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